EYEPLUG provides several ways to connect to remote virtual machines. This page describes user requirements of them.

EYEPLUG HVD Client Protocol

Browser Plugin

Browser plugin is supported on Firefox/Linux. On Fedora-like systems, you can install the plugin using yum package manager: 'yum install spice-xpi'.

Native Client
On Fedora-like or Debian/Ubuntu systems, you can install the client using yum install virt-viewer or apt-get install virt-viewer.
This way make use of locally installed virt-viewer application. You can install the application using your package manager or download it from http://www.eyeplug.com/downloads for various platforms.


For using web-browser-based console clients, the certificate authority must be imported in your browser since the communication is secured. You can download the certificate authority by navigating https://hvd01.eyeplug.com/ca.crt

RDP Protocol


Client application capable of parsing an RDP file and invoking console session (e.g. mstsc.exe on MS Windows).


(MS Internet Explorer only) Usage of the plugin doesn't require user intervention and is invoked automatically.


For using web-browser-based console clients


HVD Virtual Machine Drivers

For making the best use of SPICE features install SPICE vdagent and SPICE QXL video drivers on your guests. They are available for download on http://www.mvdicloud.com/guestdrivers/ (in the "Guest" section). If you use GNU/Linux, your distribution may contain QXL video driver package.


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