EYEPLUG vITM – Virtual Integrated Terminal Manager

EYEPLUG vITM is a powerful device management platform that combines thin client management capabilities with connection management features. It changes the paradigm from a session based control to a peer-to-peer approach, where the terminals receive the configurations and then connect directly to the desktop providers. This approach eliminates the single point of failure that exists in a traditional connection broker approach.
Whether in a simple or complex environment, EYEPLUG vITM can manage multiple type of devices from a single web interface, hosted as a EYEPLUG Cloud service or on-premises.

Standard Features

Asset tracking
With EYEPLUG vITM it is possible to auto-discover all the EYEPLUG thin-clients or EYEPLUG Java and Android client enabled devices, in your network and have immediate access to device health information like CPU and memory consumption, as well as the local network configurations.


Advanced Device Management
Centralized control of thin clients with remote restart and shut down capabilities.
Deploy device configurations across all the network including remote offices.
Support for 1-to-1 and 1-to-many bulk configurations.
Automatically assign configurations when new thin clients are deployed, facilitating the deployment with zero local configuration requirements.
Integration with most of the industry desktop providers, like VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, Windows Remote Desktop Services, single physical and virtual machines.
Support for several display protocols and clients like MS RDP with RemoteFX, Redhat Spice, VMware PcoIP and Citrix ICA.
Support for Intel and ARM devices, including Raspberry Pi 2 running EYEPLUG OS.
Support for Windows Embedded thin clients running EYEPLUG Java client.
Support for Android devices running EYEPLUG Android client.


Scalable and efficient
Easily add new devices to networks of virtually any size, with the built-in search and filtering capabilities.
Issue, manage and update polices across an organization. Create groups of local and remote devices, each with specific configuration requirements.
Manage tens, hundreds or thousands of devices across multiple networks and locations.


Simple and user-friendly
Centralized and flexible web-based management tool with multi-user, multi-tenant support.
Easy deployment through a virtual appliance or simple register on to the cloud based service to instantly start adding devices.


Secure and robust
Encrypted communication between devices and vITM server.
NAT friendly deployment because the communication is always from the device to the server, no need to open ports for sending commands to the devices.
Signature based registration of the devices.


The utilization of standard HTTP or HTTPS APIs enables easy communication between the devices and vITM with no need to reconfigure the routers and firewalls.


Key advantages:

Minimize administration time and costs

Dramatically simplify maintenance and help reduce administration costs with automated configuration of EYEPLUG thin clients. With vITM you no longer have to locally change device configuration each time a change is made. You can give each device a different configuration without having to image or reboot the thin client across your entire installation. Simply select the desired configuration and vITM automatically does the rest.

Centralized scalable management

For organizations deploying EYEPLUG thin clients or EYEPLUG Java and Android client enabled devices, vITM provides a highly scalable, flexible and easy to use single point of device management. With its web-based console, IT administrators can manage client devices from anywhere, anytime. vITM helps organize a deployment whether it is a single site or multiple sites – and makes it easy to perform management tasks remotely including batch configuration changes and device resets. By allowing accessing and managing client devices, regardless of the location, type (Intel/ARM) or number of devices, vITM dramatically reduces the administrative overhead IT managers need to maintain and control their environment.

Advanced features (Future Release)

Smart-card redirection Enable cross network smart-card login and session redirection.

Follow-me printing
Permits automatically assignment of the nearest printer to the user when login-in into a device, eliminating the need of manual choosing the printer to use.



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