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Tecnosfera, MVDI , Mobile Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Provider, ISP, Services, Virtual desktop, Research, Development, mobile, technology and innovative ideas. Tecnosfera offers next generation technology solutions which incorporate all aspects of the engineering and design process including hardware, software and prototypes. Mobile PC Innovation, Consulting and research, Mobile Server Virtualization Implementation Services, Mobile Cloud Computing Implementation Services, Mobile Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (MVDI) Solutions Certification, Mobile Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (MVDI) Equipments Certification, Mobile Software development, Open Source mobile solutions development, The future success depends on delivering great experiences creating innovating products and solutions. Our team is comprised of engineering, manufacturing and quality professionals dedicated to creating innovative solutions for advanced technologies. Tecnosfera Mobile Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Tecnosfera Mobile Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, enabling the use of a compact Mobile phone as a complete and powerful PC. Terminal Virtual Desktop is the ultimate mobility solution in a new generation of mobile Technology. The day to day mobile phone can be the computer of use in the corporate environment, at home or in the car. Virtual Desktop an integrated platform developed to make a normal mobile phone act as an innovative all-in-one product both as a phone and PC. Mobile users will connects will connect to Server-Based Computing Providers or Company Server-Based Computing to access their remote desktops. Using the limited CPU capabilities of the phone to make the bypass to the server farms with the remote desktops and the All-in-one Mobile PC is ready. The users can access the desktop from anywhere, at work, at home or in the car using the Mobile phone’s internet capabilities with the use of accessories such as touch screen LCDs, and keyboard. The mobility is complete/total. The reality of Terminal Services Desktop virtualization Providers is now the step to provide worldwide remote desktops to companies and home users. Mobile Computing virtualization delivers the access that everyone needs, at a much lower cost than traditional methods, with no complex devices and all without compromising security or manageability. Additionally, the increased availability of high-bandwidth network connections allows Terminal Mobile Computing virtualization solutions to run remote desktops even better. Tecnosfera will bring a new generation of mobility solutions to traditional mobile and PC environments using the advantages of the amazing worldwide internet connections. Tecnosfera Tecnosfera is a Research and Development company specializing in the design, development and concept of true convergent solutions.
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